Julia Calderon Deep Muscle Therapist

For over 30 years Julia Muller Calderon has been successfully treating people in Orange County for sciatica, carpal tunnel, migraine headache, arthritis, and other muscle related conditions.

Julia trained at both the Swedish Institute for Massage in New York City, and the Pfrimmer Clinic for Deep Muscle Therapy in Ontario, Canada, directly under Theresa Pfrimmer, founder of the technique.

A wide range of painful conditions can be caused initially by tight or adherent muscles. Every muscle spans a joint, and when the muscle is shortened the joint is hindered, friction and inflammation can set in. The pain may be felt in the joint, but the initial cause is the involved muscle. Deep Muscle Therapy, by releasing the muscle in spasm removes the cause of the problem allowing the joint to heal. Muscles can also tighten around a nerve as in sciatica. Again, releasing the affected muscle allows the inflammation in the nerve to heal. The affects are both immediate and long lasting. Deep Muscle Therapy is a non-toxic, non-invasive approach to eliminating the direct cause of the condition.

As well as Deep Muscle Therapy Julia Muller Calderon offers Swedish Massage for relaxation and well being.



"I was experiencing pain in both wrists, and I could not move the last three fingers of my left hand. I went to my doctor who sent me to specialists. Their answer was that I had severe carpal tunnel and needed surgery soon. They even predicted that if I did not do it soon I would lose the use of both of my thumbs.

I had a cousin who had three of these surgeries and was not happy with her results. So I questioned how good was this cure if the surgery needed to be done again? I found Julia and we discussed her treatment. I started out with twice a month and as it improved I was getting treated monthly. Today my hands and wrists are 100% and I did not need to go through any surgery for either hand.......Thank you very much, Julia"

     Bernard Sobotor - Goshen, New York


"I had tried chiropractic, acupuncture and medication for my TMJ pain, but Deep Muscle Therapy is the first thing that has worked. I used to be in a lot of pain from it all the time, but now I have only intermittent episodes, and they are mild by comparison. the treatment has helped my tight shoulders as well."

     Anne Solomon - Warwick, New York


"Julia Calderon's Deep Muscle Therapy has worked miracles on my back and shoulders! I recommend it to all those who suffer from muscle pain."

     Donna Spector - Warwick, New York


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